Snow-covered mountainsBenefits of Boden

Due to our history, Boden offers extraordinary conditions with abundance of renewable electric power, attractive land and suitable facilities.

It all started during the late 17th century with a poor farmer, Per Andersson, from the north part of the municipality. During a harsh winter one of his children starved to death and he left his family for the Lappish wilderness. His goal was to trade flour for reindeers. In the small settlement Illuvare he met a Sami guy that traded his goods and left him a couple of stones that he brought home. He gave them to the authorities and almost 50 years later his sons were honored for their father’s discovery – the iron ore of Malmberget. This ore has the highest density in the world and are still used to produce world class high carbon steelaround the world.

Due to the development of the orefield, the railway through Sweden and between Luleå and Narvik was built, in the beginning of 20th century. In March 1888 the first ore train arrived to Lulea from Malmberget. The train which was carrying 1,000 tons of iron ore was the start of a major industry in Swedish Lapland. Due to the story, March 1888 was one of the coldest March months in Swedish history. Consider that, we still got it to work, and since that day Swedish Lapland daily have been mining and transporting iron ore and produced and transported steel in more extreme weather than that.

Our communities and industries doesn’t stop,
even when the weather is at it’s most extreme.

Boden became the hub of logistics
of the railway. The Swedish Steele company (SSAB), the hydropower development and the military defense strategies were all builtup around this huge natural asset. To protect it, Bodenfortress was built during the beginning of 20th century.

During the 1990s, the global political scene changed and the military strategy with it. Instead of a military defense built for handling the in-between position of the cold war Sweden became an international partner to the United nation and other global interventions.

The infrastructure of power, communications and suitable facilities has been transferred into civilian use with completely different goals and visions. Today Boden canoffer extra ordinary conditions for data centers.