Living in Boden

Boden is a welcoming smalltown with a cultural breadth.

Living here means closeness to the nature and the city center at the same time. It’s an appreciated city for families with children. Because of the good communi­cations, nothing feels that far away.

Boden offer a wide range of housing opportunities, renta­ble townhouses, flats, and appartments. There is a range of realestate firms willing to help when a more permenant solution is required. No matter the demands - there is always help availa­ble to find the best solution for the specific needs.

To be a family in Boden

Boden offers preschools, childminders, primary schools, secondary schools, culture school and adult education. There are both municipal and private schools. The municipal Swedish schools offer a high quality education. Because of the local’s great interest in sustainability and culture many of the schools are focused on sustainablitiy and culture. This means that sustainable development and cultural activities are a natural part of our students daily lives. Only half an hour away is Luleå University of Technology, with several institutions ranging from civil engeneering, computer science and economics to education, arts and communication.


With excellent transport links and a central location in Norrbotten, Boden is an important hub in the county. It’s easy to live here because you always have close to work, schools, leisure activities, health care and travels. Boden is especially known as a railway hub, here the iron ore line meets the north main line. Travelers reach all over Sweden by train from Boden. It is easy to travel by bus, both regionally and locally. Buses runs frequently and the people are especially proud of the eco friendly local trans¬ports using the locally produced biogas. Luleå airport is only 45 minutes away. Luleå airport has more than 15 daily departures to/from Stockholm.

Smalltown shopping

Boden is known for its sustainable second-hand stores. Those who are looking for the hard-to-get and special kind of things tend to appreciate the shopping experience.

Strolling through the stores and malls is a bit like walking along history. From idyllic to modern small town. In recent years a major restoration of the city center has been made. Medborgarplatsen got a new mall; Köpkvarteret 43:an, a new bus connection spot and a beautiful and child-friendly square. Here one can find outdoor cafes and nice seating; embraced by the city’s central shopping.

Create memories of a lifetime

Boden is the little town with versatility. It is closebetween shops, cafés and accommodations, close between relaxation and excitement and close between people. Visitors experience a really cozy stay in Boden, whether it is for holiday activities, inspiring meetings or setting up a new data center.

Make the most of the winter by snowmobiling, snowshoeing and dogsledding. Tickle your taste buds with Lapland flavors, and feel how the calm and warmth spread through your body and soul in a wood-heated sauna or bathtub.The Råne River Valley, in the north of the municipality is a place where snow-laden trees, misty rapids, Sami culture and untouched expanses of snow and ice meet in gloriously beautiful winter panoramas.

In summer it is possible to swim in a lake gently warmed by the midnight sun, make a splash at an aquatic adventure or go wild with fishing and hunting. Enjoy music and cultural events or just enjoy nature, picking mushrooms and berries in the vast forests. Boden is the perfect place for the whole family to discover those long lasting memories.