Local support and competence

Boden is an eco community that focuses
on sustainable development.


Boden Municipality has been actively working with eco and sustainability for 20 years which is noticable in the commercial and industrial life of Boden. The eco interest are huge and it's constantly growing; new businesses are establishing and cooperations are getting more and more common. For an example; today there are 16 businesses which have eco technology as their primary source of income.


Boden Municipality has a close cooperation with Luleå University of Technology, especially research groups in waste technology and energy. The R&D has studied
biogas technology, recycling of nutrients and construction materials, and the use of additives in waste fuels.

The waste technology programme at Luleå University of Technology contributes to research in all parts of society's waste management; formation, collection, treatment and disposal of waste, including utilization and recycling. The research aims to develop tools and methods for sustainable waste management.


There is a great future beliefe and the co-operativeness is strong. Private companies, the municipality and non-profit organizations are striving at the same goal - to create an attractive city to live and work in.

Boden is a business friendly municipality and according to the latest measurements (2014), Boden was top-ranked as one of the most entrepreneurial friendly municipalities in Sweden.

During the last years many companies working with ecoengineering and sustainable development have chosen to establish their businesses in Boden. The reason is the municipality's investments in sustainability, the competence, and the unique conditions our climate and infrastructure offers.

In the long term the datacenter industry will gain from this business climate - through innovative solutions and data center knowledge based upon local conditions.


Boden work with Urban Mining since 1995. Wich means that raw materials are extracted from waste. Citizens of Boden sorts their waste, but instead of ending up at the dump, a circular economy around the waste has been built up. It means reusing and recycling waste whenever possible.

Instead of throwing fully functioning gadgets, they are sold second-hand and recycled. By sorting packaging paper, glass, plastic and metal; instead of being thrown on the dump, gets new life. Burnable garbage is burned and turned into power and heat to households and industries food waste along with what is flushed down the toilet becomes biogas that powers vehicles and datacenters. The biogas production also creates a biproduct used as a bio-fertilizer in agriculture. Working with Urban Mining takes care of all waste, which does good for the ecology at the same time as it creates new business opportunities and jobs.

Boden biogas plant has a production
rateequivalent to 1MWof gas per hour.


With a number of accomplished datacenter builds and establishments, the local society of entrepreneurs and suppliers have earned a lot of experience. The experience and tight cooperation with the customers at site, combined with their unique competence in actually building houses and constructions for our climate, is a winning concept for new establishments.

For over one hundred years the people in the region have striven to find ways of getting things to work in both +30 and -45 degrees. Anyone, anywhere can make it in theory, but these guys and girls make it in reality. With national interest in the base industry, such as mining, steel and forestry, they have created one of the most reliable power grids in the world – fed by ultra-green hydropower.

This data center competence, the reliable powersupply, the sustainable visions of the municipality and the academic sphere of Luleå University of Technology makes it a strong team for anyone who likes to be in pole position for the next generations of data center builds.The demands of sustainability will just increase and there is probably nowhere else one can get as close to carbonfree footprints as in Boden.

Welcome to join the next generation of data center sites today.