Boden Data Center Sites

There is probably nowhere else in the world one can get as close to carbon free footprints as in Boden. Welcome to join the next generation of data center sites today.

Our data center sites, Helicopter Airbase Area and Business Park Area, are situated in two different areas, both just outside of Boden city. Our third data center site Harads Industrial Park Area is situated in Harads, around 30 miles north of Boden. The infrastructure of communications, IT, power and existing buildings are very well adapted for data center use.

Flexible establishment alternatives
Our sites offers both green- and brownfield opportunities.
Establishment is possible through:

•     New standalone establishment
•     Rent/lease/buy existing buildings for transformation due to needs
•     Combinations of both for a quick start and great scalability

Supreme cooling conditions
Boden has an average annual air temperature of 1.3 oC (34.3 oF) and the Luleå River an average annual water temperature of 6.2 oC (43.1 oF).

Unique stability and abundance of power
The Helicopter Airbase Area is situated just a few hundred meters from Boden hydro power station and is well connected to the regional power grid. A national grid substation is situated just 6 km from the site. This two grid connections offers a uniqe possibility of redundancy to both the Helicopter Airbase Area and the Business Park Area.

Well prepared
The sites are Environmental-, hazard- and geotechnical cleared. The reports are available upon request. The sites are zoned for data center, industry and office use. Necessary permits needed is handled quickly – ready to build in two weeks.

The areas are well protected from flooding (illustrated dark blue) with well over 10 meters height difference to the 500 year flooding level.

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