Biogas plant of Boden

Biogas back-up option

It is possible to use locally produced biogas for back-up generators in Boden. One option is two biogas-powered generators for backup with a capacity of 5 MW electric power outlet each.

The generators will be located close to the biogas plant facility where trained personnel is stationed for handling the maintenance and test runs of the gas engines. The distance from the biogas generators to the Helicopter Airbase Area is less than 800m.

Biogas plant in Boden
Sustainable energy sources are an important issue for the Node pole Boden concept. There is a state of the art biogas production facility in Boden, developed for high production in arctic climate, where it is also unique know-how experience of producing clean biomethane for gas-engine applications. The close distance to the Helicopter Airbase Area is a guarantee for the supply of biogas to the biogas generators.

Residues to Biogas
Biogas is produced by the anaerobic degradation of organic waste in soil, marshes, oceans etc. Biogas energy is carbon neutral, since the carbon emitted by its combustion originates from carbon fixed in plants (natural carbon cycle). The methane from residue-originated biogas has a 20 times higher potential as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Therefore, the production plant in Boden will significantly contribute to the efforts against global warming.

Combined Power and Heat (CPH)
CPH can simply be explained as consisting of an engine and an electricity generator. When the engine receives biogas, it activates the electricity generator where electricity is produced. During conversion of biogas to electricity, in a biogas powered electric generator, 45% useable electricity can be achieved which will be delivered to the municipality heating net.

Fuel Storage
A number of biomethane tanks can be built to obtain the required fuel demand and storage is possible for unlimited time. Biomethane will not degrade, in comparison with Diesel that has a more limited shelf life and will deteriorate over time. Moreover the biogas generator will be easier to start up after a long shutdown period and will also immediately deliver backup electricity to the Helicopter Airbase Area.