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Helicopter Airbase Area

The Helicopter Air Base-area is a ready-to-build site of over 60 hectares, tailor-made for data centers. A new dedicated +120MW substation will provide future data centers with green and reliable hydropower, produced in the nearby Luleå River. The Helicopter Airbase Area offers both greenfields and brownfields with great opportunities to establish a data center quickly. 

Lat 65.807965 Long 21.684988

33 km, 30 minutes by car to Facebook data center
43 km, 40 minutes by car to Airport
34 km, 30 minutes by car to Luleå University of Technology Main campus
Walking distance to Boden hydro power station

Current load to the site is 10 MW (20 kV line). 1st July 2015 a 120MW dedicated substation available to connect. Distance to the national grid substation is 6 km.

Site access
Existing road access.

Redundant dark fiber approximately 450-800 meters from site.

Fresh air cooling 12 months per year. Permit to access 200 l/s river water.

Water and wastewater
Water and wastewater connection at site boundary.


Greenfield 50 ha

Boden Municipality

Total buildable size
Total area is up to 50 hectares. 30% of the acquired land can be built.

Site characteristics
Greenfield, former helicopter runway.


Greenfield 10 ha

Boden Municipality

Total buildable size
A total area of up to 10 hectares. 50% of the acquired land can be built.

Site characteristics
Development ready greenfield land.


Establishing a data center at the Helicopter Airbase Area has several benefits. Numerous feeders of the regional grids passes close to the area and the national grid substation is located just 6 km away. They supply the site with redudant and sustainable power which is free from interruption. The areas power substation has a capacity of 200MW. If needed it is possible to use locally produced biogas for back-up generators with a capacity of 5MW electric power outlet each. Through two connection points close to the site it’s supplied with Europes leading Tier 1 fiber supplier – TeliaSonera. They offer redundant fiber to the most reliable supply. Through Luleå Rivers large amount of natural cooling and renewable hydropower the site also has a well developed water- and sewer system. The system can be customized to use 200 litres/second of industry cooling water to a rather low cost.

Time to market

Time factor     
Power supply   
Current 10MW 400V/20 kV 2 conn.  
1st JUL 2015 120MW 20kV/145 kV 2 conn.  
1st JAN 2016 200MW 20kV/145 kV 4 conn.