We are proud to welcome our partners and investors to the Boden data center sites. 

KnC Miner Data Center

“ We searched all over the world for a suitable place to build the first of many of our own mega datacenters, and to find the best location lying right here in our home country is fantastic.
Our highly advanced technology consumes a lot of energy, so for us it was imminent to find a production site with access to renewable yet stable and safe energy. We have had an incredible amount of support from The Node Pole representatives, local companies and the government here in Boden. ”

Sam Cole, CoFounder KnC Miner



Justin Fielder, Hydro66 

“ We chose Boden and The Node Pole region because of the abundance of natural, clean and sustainable power and the advantageously low ambient temperatures year round, which dramatically lower our clients operational costs.
The powerful IT infrastructure is connected directly to the global Internet and corporate VPNs by fully diverse dark fibre connections offering almost unlimited capacity. The region also has research and competence in advanced IT.
We were delighted to work with The Node Pole investment team and the City of Boden’s development teams, who made our decision an easy one. This data centre is part of a multi-million-pound commitment to The Node Pole region in building out capacity and capability to meet customer demand. ”

Justin Fielder, CTO of Hydro66