22 oktober 2014

New 120MW substation enables further data center investments in Boden, The Node Pole

October 22nd, 2014 - Boden Energy, the local utility company in Boden, and Vattenfall, the regional power distribution company, are investing in a new 120 MW substation with full redundancy at the data center site called Helicopter Air Base in Boden in northern Sweden.

The Helicopter Air Base-area is a ready-to-build site of over 60 hectares, tailor-made for data centers. The new substation will provide future data centers with green and reliable hydropower, produced in the nearby Luleå River.

The new substation will provide 120 MW fully redundant by Summer 2015 but is already being prepared for a future capacity of 200 MW fully redundant.

“I am very proud to announce this investment. This will enable a very short time to market for the data center industry and provide power availability with exceptional security and capacity”, says Bo Strömbäck, Deputy Mayor of Boden and Chairman of Boden Energy.

“This is a strategic decision as part of our on-going commitment to make Boden and The Node Pole one of the world’s best locations for data centers“, Strömbäck concludes.



Erik Svensson - CEO, Boden Business Agency


Tel: +46 70 629 73 15

Erik Lundström – CEO, The Node Pole


Tel: +46 70 240 24 40

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