6 november 2014

KnCMiner to build a 20 MW datacenter in Boden

Global Bitcoin mining equipment company KnC Miner has decided to grow their business with a 20 MW datacenter in Boden, in The Node Pole region near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The investment - called Boden 2 - bring their site to a total of 30 MW and 15 000 square meters. The new datacenter will be operational by the end of 2014 and will be used for cloud services and for hosting of specialised Bitcoin mining hardware to a global client-base.

In Februari KNC Miner put the shovel in the ground for their first datacenter in Boden – a town in close vicinity to Facebook’s European datacenter. The initial investment was 10 MW in a facility previously used as a helicopter hangar for the Swedish armed forces. The new 20 MW at the site enables for the company to expand mining operations and increase the ability to offer services to consumers in relation to the Bitcoin environment.

-          We have the planet's most efficient bitcoin cloud mining operation. Our Clear Sky farms in the polar region takes advantage of locally produced renewable hydropower and the surrounding arctic air to achieve industry-leading efficiency. This set-up rewards us the opportunity to sell powerful bitcoin mining monitored with absolutely no hidden fees at all, says Sam Cole one of the co-founders at KnC Miner.

KnCMiner has since its inception in April 2013 sold Bitcoin mining equipment for over USD 70m and the mining operations has generated more than USD 40m of revenue. After branching out into software development KnCMiner has released the mobile Bitcoin wallet KnCWallet, and developed a powerful new proprietary cloud mining management/front-end system, from scratch.

The decision to expand business in the far north of Sweden was based on the great conditions that the location provides for hosting businesses. The Node Pole region is well-renowned for its access to an abundance of stable and competitively priced electricity from renewable energy. The region also houses several technically advanced service providers in a facilitating business community, which has recently been strengthened further by Facebook’s establishment in the region.

-          For me, the investment is a proof that our conditions for large-scale data storage are on demand and that our focus on the field is contemporary. In a world where many clouds are coloured grey by coal plants so we are proud to offer clean, redundant and renewable energy that make green clouds, says Erik Lundström, CEO The Node Pole.


For more information or comments, please contact:

Sam Cole, Co-founder KnC Miner
+46 8 559 253 20

Erik Svensson, CEO Boden Business Agency
+46 70 629 73 15

Erik Lundström, CEO The Node Pole
+46 70 240 24 40

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