4 june 2015

KnCMiner to build new 20MW greenfield datacenter in Boden, The Node Pole

The blockchain capacity provider KnCMiner has seen rapid success since the foundation in 2013. Today KnCMiner announces a further expansion, building a new 20MW green hydro powered data center in Boden, Sweden – part of The Node Pole.

– Leading the way forward in one of the most rapidly expanding global markets is an equally demanding and inspiring task. Time-to-market is everything and we are very happy with how the local municipality, Boden Business Agency and the regional competences within The Node Pole have all come together to help us expand, says Sam Cole – CEO & Co-founder of KnCMiner.

Last year KnCMiner established its presence in the Boden area, located near the Arctic Circle in Sweden, with two centers totaling 30 MW. This new 20MW datacenter is to be built in two stories, each measuring 1,700m2 (~18,000ft2), equaling the size of roughly four basketball courts.

KnCMiner has also purchased land to prepare for a further expansion of the new build – all adjacent to a new hydro powered 120MW substation with quadruple redundancy, being built nearby.

– Pending a lowering of the Swedish energy taxation rates, an area where Sweden lags behind the neighboring Finland for attracting green energy capacity investors, we would like to expand more within The Node Pole. We and other global investors have shown good faith and the regional community is ambitious to firmly grasp global leadership for the sector. Now it is just up to the Swedish government to pave the way. We are most certainly ready to continue expanding our investment, building many more 20MW centers if the taxes are lower, creating new careers and securing many jobs for the future, continues Sam Cole.
The good news was announced by The Node Pole today at the annual data center conference Datacloud Europe, in Monaco.

– Every time an existing investor decides to re-invest in our region, it is further proof of our outstanding regional qualities and even more so of the world-class work done by the data center eco-system in our region. Boden Business Agency and their team have been both proactive and innovative in their hard work to ensure investors are given a red-carpet welcome to Boden, comments Fredrik Kallioniemi – VP of Business Development at The Node Pole.

The new data center is to be up and running during September.

For more info, please contact:

Sam Cole – CEO & Co-founder, KnCMiner
+46 73 43 306 15,

Erik Svensson – CEO, Boden Business Agency
+46 70 629 73 15,

Fredrik Kallioniemi – Vice President of Business Development, The Node Pole
+46-705 44 77 49,

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