14 oktober 2015

Study purposes tax reduction for data center providers in Sweden

A study by the Swedish government has pushed for a tax reduction in electricity taxation for data centers in Sweden. The study purposes the same electricity taxation as for the manufacturing industry, which is 0,005 SEK/kWh. Depending where in Sweden the datacenter is located the former tax is 0,0194 or 0,0294 SEK/kWh. The cut would be a big deal, based on the existing plants the industry would save 250 MSEK a year.

Sweden, especially the Node Pole, is an attractive region for establishing a datacenter. Because of the good fiber connection and the abundant renewable energy. Lower electricity taxes would make us even more competitive.

This is a clear signal to the market that Sweden aspires for taking leadership in the data center industry. The purpose has yet to be implemented by the Swedish government, but the local data center industry will be lobbying hard for it.

Read more about it here:

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