29 oktober 2015

Arctic Chain Hackathon

On December 11-13, 2015, KnCMiner in cooperation with Boden Business Agency will arrange the Arctic Chain Hackathon at Boden Business Park. It will be a challenging weekend in the name of the blockchain technology.

The hackathon is a team competition for teams of 1-5 persons. There’s two different challenges to choose from; Business idea and Coding:

Business idea

Challenge the jury, that includes venture capitalists, by pitching your own unique blockchain business idea.

The winning price: Well, the best guess is that the jury would like to help develop your idea further.


Challenge the jury, that include coding experts, by pitching your best code solution to our tasks. It will be two challenges and the best solution to each problem at the end of the weekend, will be the winner.

The winning prices: $3000 and $7000

Read more and supply your team:

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