21 oktober 2015

Hydro66 opens world’s first 100% hydro-powered colocation data centre

Hydro66 Svenska AB announces the unveiling of a 1000 square meter 3.2MW specialist data centre facility in Boden, Sweden. The data centre dramatically reduces the cost model for secure enterprise colocation hosting with true ultra-green credentials designed in. Magdalena Andersson, Finance Minister of Sweden, hosted the opening of the ultra-green and ultra-efficient data centre.

The new colocation facility utilises the abundance of renewable power from the river, Lule älv, with an installed effect of 4300 MW green hydropower, which is twice the amount of the Hoover Dam in Colorado USA. It’s located beside a new 120MW substation for maximum power availability and green power is delivered with the combination of minimum impact on the environment and extreme stability.The regional power grid has not had a power outage since 1979. Also, low average ambient temperatures in the region allows ultra-efficient free-air cooling all year round without compressors or chemicals. And the location on 2 diverse physical fibre routes with hundreds of terabits capacity and multiple telecom providers available on demand. These factors, combined with Swedish energy being the lowest cost in Europe, enables the new data centre to offer significant cost and operational advantages when compared to legacy data centres.

Andy Long, CEO of Hydro66 says, “Conducting research into current and future requirements we heard that CTO’s have four key concerns: cost, carbon footprint, security and connectivity. We decided to design a new kind of datacentre engineered to meet these requirements in a future-proof and scalable way.” 

Erik Svensson, CEO at Boden Business Agency comments; ”We are really excited about the Hydro66 grand opening today. Boden Business agency are proud to be a part, together with Hydro66 and all the local suppliers, of the realisation of this sustainable, ultra-green and locally produced datacentre. I think it represents a completely new way of creating future facilities today. The Hydro66 establishment has made it possible for us to create a data centre eco-system of suppliers and competence that is unique in the DC-market.”

Read more in the attached press release!

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