6 februari 2014

KnC Miner to build 10 MW datacenter in Boden

Press Release, 2014-02-06

Global Bitcoin mining equipment company KnC Miner is currently in full progress setting up a 10 MW datacenter in The Node Pole region, near the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The operations are to be run from Boden – a town in close vicinity to Facebook’s European datacenter – in a facility previously used as a helicopter hangar for the Swedish armed forces. The datacenter is to be used for cloud services and for hosting of specialised Bitcoin mining hardware to a global client-base.

KnC Miner founded less than a year ago in Stockholm, Sweden, is a provider of hardware used in the mining of the digital currency Bitcoins. The company have US$ 75 million  in turnover since June. The company reportedly has customers in roughly 120 countries. In order to be able to provide to the rapidly growing market, KnC Miner-spokespeople now state that the company will expand their portfolio by providing large scale, cloud based hosting of mining services from large company owned datacenters located in Sweden.

- We searched all over the world for a suitable place to build the first of many of our own mega datacenters, and to find the best location lying right here in our home country is fantastic. Our highly advanced technology consumes a lot of energy, so for us it was imminent to find a production site with access to renewable yet stable and safe energy, says Sam Cole one of the co-founders at KnC Miner. We have had an incredible amount of support from The Node Pole representatives, local companies and the government here in Boden.

The decision to settle in the far north of Sweden was based on the great conditions that the location provides for hosting businesses. The Node Pole region is well-renowned for its access to an abundance of stable and competitively priced electricity from renewable energy. The region also houses several technically advanced service providers in a facilitating business community, which has recently been strengthened further by Facebook’s establishment in the region

- Given that our business is in the digital mining sector it is also particularly suiting for us to setup operations in a community rooted in crude material mining, and today characterised by its budding technology sector, ends Sam Cole.

KnC Miner commenced building the facility only five days ago, but expects it to be fully operational already within the next few months. There are around 30 people working around the clock with the setup in order to ensure no time is wasted. KnC are also already in discussions with local authorities regarding the establishment of even larger facilities in the local area already later this spring, which would then bring even more business to the local community.

For more information or comments, please contact:

Sam Cole, Co-founder KnC Miner
+46 73 43 306 15

Erik Lundström, CEO The Node Pole
+46 70 240 24 40

Erik Svensson, CEO Boden Business Agency
+46 70 629 73 15

About KnCMiner
KnCMiner, based in the tech hub that is Stockholm, Sweden. KnCMiner specialises in building leading edge Bitcoin ASIC Miners for a secure and distributed decentralised global Bitcoin network.

Combined with the prodigious talent housed at Sweden’s illustrious ORSoC IC engineering consultancy KnCMiner is on track to smash the world record for the time taken to develop and manufacture 28nm Application Specific Integrated Circuits. KnCMiner –  We Under Promise, We Over Deliver. Cryptocurrency Hardware for 21st Century Finance. Read more at www.kncminer.com

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